Author: Allan W. Eckert

ISBN: 9780316209489
Pages: 224
Description: For me, this is the best book by Eckert. He has not only captured the world as seen from the point of view of toddler Ben, but also from the point of view of the badger!!

Being a biologist, he has made the scene involving the badger completely realistic in all details, including the emotions of the badger as reflected through her actions.

The interactions between Ben and the badger is appropriately progressive from the beginning, starting with a lack of trust to a growth of trust. Both do the right things to approach each other.

The incident where the badger is trapped and she hears her babies dying wrenched my heart. Then, when Ben is hungry, and she proposes her milk is equally moving.

Ben’s survival in the underground didn’t stretch credibility, and when the badger tickles his feet to push him out made me laugh.

The scene where the badger fights the dog to save Ben, and when she shows up at his parents house are not only touching but also perfectly credible.

The end of the story left me uncertain, with a mix of joy and sadness.

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