Author: William Stevenson

ISBN: 9781585741540
Pages: 512
Description: 4.5 stars – highly recommended

I was seven months old when HMAS Sydney was sunk by the German raider Kormoran in November 1941 killing all 645 Australian naval personnel on board including my father. I read this book when it was first published in the mid 70’s and it was probably even better second time around. For anyone interested in WW II it has everything: politics, intrigue, heroism, espionage, all on an almost unworldly scale, but for sheer doggedness and dedication to his country and his cause, Bill Stephenson, known as Intrepid, stands like a colossus astride the deadly conflict imposed by Adolf Hitler on Europe and the free world (plus Russia which, while an ally, was hardly „free“). The writer, William Stevenson, is not related to „Intrepid“
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