Author: Jim Aylesworth

ISBN: 9780805039252
Pages: 32
Description: I think the most wonderful part of this book (in response to a 2 star review) is that, after reading it, you feel like there are „fly germs everywhere!“ When we read this aloud in my preschool class, the kids loved pointing out the yucky stuff on every page and when I banged the book shut to „squash“ the fly and quietly opened up the book, hysterical giggles abounded. This book is great for eliciting student participation (repetition in „Shoo fly…“) and for developing inference abilities at a VERY early age („What do you think happened to the fly?“ after I slam the book shut).

Whether you happen to „like“ the words, flow, or illustrations, in my experience, young children do and gain a lot of out reading this book together.
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