Author: Susan Jeffers

ISBN: 9780786819959
Pages: 32
Description: What a beautiful story! It is so gentle and warm and magical; I was carried away.

The little girl in this story longs for a horse of her own but her parents always say its too expensive and they don’t have room. They are sweet enough to let her stop by the horses on a drive and smell the horsey fragrance (her favorite smell in the whole wide world!) and do let her indulge in her fantasies, though (what pretty horse figurines she has!) so props to the parents for not stifling her completely. Best of all, though, is when the little girl draws horses; as the horse takes shape on paper, her imagination takes flight and soon she is soaring on her own horse, Silver, through the sky and moonlight and clouds to a place born of dreams.

The story itself is wonderful, the illustrations are gorgeous (I love the shiny paper its printed on) and though the dream-world is timeless, the real world setting is evocative of an earlier era (1950-ish?). This choice made more sense when I read the Author’s Note at the end and realized that Jeffers wrote this story about her own childhood. I love her positive take on being denied her dream of having a horse as a child because she said she believes that is what led to her passion for drawing (like the girl in the story). Very sweet. Even though I was never one of the little girls who longed to have a horse of my own, this story made me dream right along with the little girl 🙂
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