Author: Emily Snow

Pages: 202
Description: We all know this phrase, right?: „Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!“

Well, shame on you, Sienna. SHAME. ON. YOU!

WARNING: I’m about to go on a serious rant here, and that will most definitely include some spoilers which I will not hide in spoiler tags. Look away if you’ve never read a romance novel, and don’t want to know how they ALL end.

So, let me tell you about this book. Sienna gets a call from her brother and he tells her that her grandma is losing her house in Nashville. So she decides to fly out there from LA, where she lives, to be with her family while this goes down. She gets to court and realized that none other than Lucas Wolfe is the one taking her grandma’s house away from her. Lucas is a famous rock star who Sienna had some sort of tryst with one night, until he kicked her out when she wouldn’t submit to him. So natch, she’s not his biggest fan. However, he makes a deal with her: if she spends 10 days as his „personal assistant“, then he will turn over the deed to the house and her grandma will be able to stay. He also KNOWS that she will be begging him to fuck her by the time this is all over.

I think that’s enough plot, yeah?

So… Reason # 1 why Lucas is a TOTAL FUCKING DICK:

We hear the story about how he tells her to „get the fuck out“ of his house when she refuses to be tied down by him. This happens to be the first time these two get together for a little horizontal action. Wait, you’re telling me that a girl who has NO idea what to expect from you won’t let you tie her up and have your way with her? Gasp! She must be a total prude! <–Sarcasm, duh. I don’t care who you are, I would NOT recommend letting someone you don’t even know tie you down to a bed. That shit is for people who trust each other, and there had been none established at that point. But, whatever. It’s a story. Fine.

Reason # 2 why Lucas is a TOTAL FUCKING DICK:

Our famous little rock star is taking some old lady’s house by force, so he can knock half of it down and turn it into a studio-slash-party den. When the guy has as much money as friggin‘ Jesus, WHY can’t he find a place that isn’t housing a Hospice candidate? Why can’t he build a damn house? What’s so great about Sienna’s grandma’s house? We don’t know. That, for some reason, doesn’t seem to matter. But, even AFTER he finds out that this woman is related to Sienna (who he’s always wanted, if I didn’t mention that), he STILL doesn’t give a shit that he’s taking it from her. Yes, he offers the deed to Sienna. But only if she agrees to be his little slut-minion for a week and a half.

Reason # 3 why Lucas is a TOTAL FUCKING DICK:

He teases Sienna mercilessly, but tells her that he won’t touch her until she’s begging for it. Since rock-star-Lucas is so sexy and irresistible, she’s begging by day three. But, what does he do when she succumbs to him? He tells her to leave him the fuck alone and DISMISSES her! Yeah… at this point, this bitch should have left his punk ass.

Reason # 4 why Lucas is a TOTAL FUCKING DICK:

So, they finally get it on (which was not hot at all, I was disappointed to learn) and fall asleep together. They wake up to the phone ringing, and Sienna answers. It’s some chick named Sam that the author tells us she referenced, but I don’t believe. Anyway, Lucas takes the phone from her and says, „Leave.“ Yep! First word he says to her post-coitus. Wow… it’s so obvious that this man is just head-over-heels for this broad, right? Not.

Reason # 5 why Lucas is a TOTAL FUCKING DICK:

Around Sienna’s sixth or seventh day, he comes back to their hotel and tells her to pack up her shit and go home. He’s done with her. She’s DISMISSED. No apologies, no explanations. Looks her in the eye and says that he’s done with her.

At this point, I’m at like 98%. I’m thinking, thank GOD she leaves and that’s the end of that. But, NO! He debuts some music video and shows up at her doorstep after months of not speaking to her. And all he has to do is open his arms, and she falls right in.

Okay, are you still with me? Cookies for you, if you are!

I hated that man. Sure he was hot and rich, that’s fantastic for him. But reading about Sienna stumbling over herself to be with this guy just made me so angry!! If I was her friend, I would slap some SERIOUS sense into her. This guy was such bad news from the beginning, and he NEVER redeemed himself. Besides his looks, I never found ONE decent quality about Lucas Wolfe. And this made me dislike Sienna, because it’s obvious that looks and money are what she’s attracted to. There is nothing else but douchbaggery there. And, I’m sorry, but if I hate the characters, I hate the book.

I really want to say something nice about this novel, because I respect ALL authors for giving us our favorite things. But… I can’t. The characters sucked, the sex sucked, the plot was erratic and didn’t always make sense. The writing was better than some books I’ve read, and I did finish it, but I think I was a glutton for punishment. Anyway, I see that others have liked this book and I’m glad. I don’t get it myself, but I’m glad. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend this one to my girls out there. Maybe it just struck a nerve, or something. But I need to like the people I read about. And these people… ugh. Just go away. Both of you.
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